TURNPIKES AND PARKWAYS: A little midi file, rough rough recording, with Marco Accattatis on bass. It's a silly summer pop song about trying to get outta NYC and to the Jersey Shore. blue number nine performs it with a horn arrangement by composer, arranger, educator and trombonist Rob Susman. A newer version is at blue number nine's website.

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NEVER FELT THAT WAY: Produced by check other music, performed by Angelica Kin with Marco Accattatis on bass; newer version on blue number nine's website

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NINE ONE ONE BLUES: This song is a response to the September 11th tragedy produced by check other music & performed by Angelica Kin - w/Garth Koren on piano and Marco Accattatis on bass

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GIVE IN A LITTLE: This song was sent to us by Eric Chapleau of Studio de la Cote in Canada. He needed lyrics, melody and vocals for a pop arrangement with horns.

When you listen to the MP3 or RealAudio file, the first half of the file contains the first 38 measures of the recording he sent me (on CD by mail.) The second half contains the same 38 measures with what I added. I sent him the MP3. He liked it and plans are underway to record it.

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